The King of Christmas

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It’s Christmas time and you’re feeling the need to standout in your neighborhood with lights and decorations. You know what you want, but don’t have the time to get out the ladder and possibly you’re afraid of heights anyway.

The answer to your problem may be a company in Frederick called “The King Of Christmas.”

Ron Layman, a decorative painter by trade, founded the company in 2007. His company will come to your house and install all of your lights and outdoor trim, or they can supply the decorations if you don’t have the needed items. Then in January, they return and remove all the trimmings, relieving you of the nasty chore – or from the scorn of your neighbors when your lights are still up in July.

Ron and employee Roberto Morales traveled to a home in Timonium and hung approximately 30,000 lights, trim, garland, lawn ornaments plus inflatables provided by the homeowner.

The long task started early and had them working well into darkness. More adjustments were required when the homeowner arrived with additional lawn displays as the job was ending.

The price of the company’s service depends on the size of the home and the number of lights and displays used, but it can range from $750.00 into the thousands, as was the case with the home in Timonium. Not cheap, but who can put a price on being the envy of your neighborhood. And, as Layman says, your children’s smiles will last a lifetime.

This post has been corrected after an earlier version incorrectly stated Ron Layman’s last name as “Alyman.”