Orioles Legends Celebration Series at Camden Yards

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The recent unveiling of the Brooks Robinson sculpture at Camden Yards on Sept. 29 gave Orioles fans a rare treat. The six Hall of Famers immortalized in bronze as part of the Legends Celebration Series — Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks, of course — were all present (in the flesh!) for the first time during the season-long celebration. Here’s a look back at The Sun’s coverage (in stories, photos and video) of this season’s statue dedications at Camden Yards.


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As Orioles, fans honor Brooks Robinson, all he can do is offer thanks

By Peter Schmuck, September 29, 2012

Typical Brooks.

Everybody who was anybody in Orioles history showed up to honor him when the Orioles unveiled his statue on the center field plaza Saturday at Camden Yards, and all he wanted to do was thank everybody else and turn his ceremony into a celebration of this year’s amazing, surprising, contending team.

“How ‘bout them O’s?’’ he said, to a huge ovation from the thousands of fans who crowded around the plaza and lined every terrace and exposed walkway with a view of the last bronze in the Legends Celebration Series. … Read more


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