Sunflower blooms form a sea of color

15 photos

As the morning sun rises along the rolling hills of Baldwin in Harford and Baltimore Counties, 200 acres of golden sunflower fields come to life.

Clear Meadow Farm in White Hall, MD plants about 5,000,000 sunflower plants across the acreage. The sunflowers start blooming in late August and remain in bloom through mid September. During this time the sea of yellow and green turns into a tourist attraction as cars pull off to the side of the road so people can get a look at the spectacular sight.

Owen Dawson of Parkville, an amateur photographer said, “ It’s awesome. So many people don’t know it’s here.”

Clear Meadow rotates the planting of the sunflowers to different locations, which are harvested for birdseed. This crop will net about 200,000 pounds of birdseed from the 200 acres of plants. Next year they will plant the sunflowers in fields around Madonna and Jarrettsville.