Sept. 10 Photo Brief: 44 journalists on trial in Turkey, Alcoa workers protest job cuts, unrest in Iraq

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Forty-four journalists face terrorism charges in Turkey, Alcoa workers clash with police over job cuts, unrest in Iraq and more in today’s daily brief.

U.S. transfers Bagram prison to Afghan control
Jessica Donati and Miriam Arghandiwal | Reuters
3:10 p.m. EDT, September 10, 2012

KABUL (Reuters) – The United States handed control of the controversial giant Bagram prison and its 3,000 suspected Taliban inmates to Afghan authorities on Monday, amid concerns the transfer could leave prisoners vulnerable to further rights abuses.

Hundreds of Afghan soldiers watched as an Afghan flag was hoisted in front of the prison at the huge U.S.-run airfield north of Kabul, as part of a plan to withdraw foreign troops from combat operations in 2014.
“Today is a historical and glorious day for Afghanistan where Afghans are able to take the charge of the prison themselves,” acting Defence Minister Enayatullah Nazari told a large crowd including U.S. military officials.

But, in a move that has angered the Afghan government, the U.S. plans to keep at least one block at the prison, where any suspected Taliban fighters or terrorists captured in future raids will be held before being handed over.

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REUTERS: Alcoa Italy workers clash with police over jobs