International Peace Day commemorated while Muhammad video protests take a deadly turn

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Escalating violence from protests in the Islamic world over recent insults to the Prophet Mohammad resulted in at least 15 deaths today in Pakistan. By contrast, in places like Guatemala City, Myanmar, Cambodia and Belgium, hundreds gathered for the annual International Day of Peace, which according to the UN website was established in 1981 by a United Nations resolution encouraging people to work together towards peace.

Insults to Islam ignite violence in Pakistan, 15 killed
Aisha Chowdhry | Reuters
12:57 p.m. EDT, September 21, 2012

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Muslim protests against insults to the Prophet Mohammad turned violent in Pakistan, where at least 15 people were killed on Friday, the Muslim day of prayer, but remained mostly peaceful in other Islamic countries.

In France, where the publication of cartoons denigrating the Prophet stoked anger over an anti-Islam video made in California, the authorities banned all protests over the issue.

“There will be strictly no exceptions. Demonstrations will be banned and broken up,” said Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

Tunisia’s Islamist-led government also banned protests against the images published by French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Four people were killed and almost 30 wounded last week when the U.S. embassy was stormed in a protest over the film.

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