Druid Hill Farmers Market, an oasis in Baltimore City

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This is the second season for the Druid Hill Farmers Market, which offers farm produce, friendly faces and fun activities for all ages. The vendors are arrayed along a tree-shaded path, south of the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory, every Wednesday, 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. from June 6 through September 26. The Farmers Market was launched by the Conservatory, the Friends of Druid Hill Park, and the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks to foster a sense of community in the neighborhoods adjoining the park.

William Johnson of Baltimore, who came with his wife Valarie and their two-year old granddaughter, London Carry, relaxed at a picnic table where he could watch the bustle of the market and chat. Johnson observed, “You can talk to people here and nothing bad happens. If you talk to people on the street they’d look at you like you were crazy.” He turned to Carey Cheek, sitting across the table from him, who agreed that “it’s very serene and the food is good.” Johnson added, “We’ve been talking like we’ve known each other for years.”

In addition to the farmers’ offerings of fresh fruit, vegetables, and plants, there are vendors selling prepared foods, baked goods, free-range eggs and meats and ices. Activities for families include free yoga, live music, crafts, hay rides, workshops, a children’s story hour and a large sprinkler for cooling off.