50 Paralympian victory celebrations from the London 2012 Games

50 photos

With only 2 days left of the 2012 Paralympic Games, there has been a tremendous amount of victorious moments coming out of London. As for the medal count, The People’s Republic of China is still way ahead with 78 golds (198 total) followed by Great Britain with 32 golds (113 total) and the Russian Federation also with 32 golds (91 total). The top individual medalists are all swimmers with Australia’s Jacqueline Freney bringing 7 gold medals back down under. Tied for second are Matthew Cowdrey, also from Australia, and Jessica Long from the U.S. with 5 golds and 2 silver medals each.

The 50 photos below are just a sampling from the massive collection of this year’s Paralympian celebrations.

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