The wind at your door, literally

25 photos

Last year, the month of April had a record-breaking 600 tornadoes nationwide. With this past weekend’s wave of deadly storms, this April may not break that record but it’s still in the position to beat the past decade’s average of 160. The following collection of photos illustrates both the allure and grave danger severe weather brings this time of year.

In the poem “The Wind at Your Door,” R.D. Fitzgerald references the atrocities of the past blowing into present day Australian society. Despite the differences in subject matter, not to mention continents, I couldn’t help but think about this poem while reading about the deadly storms this past weekend. Being from Iowa, tornadoes have always been a threat from April to August. The horrendous tornado damage to the town of Parkersburg in 2008 was only 25 miles from where I grew up. Imagine my surprise to read that I’m more likely to witness a tornado since moving to Baltimore because Maryland is third on the list of “Top Tornado States.”

It should also be no surprise that “tornado voyeurism” is a widespread hobby today, despite the injuries involved with this dangerous curiosity. Admittedly, I am one of those voyeurs. However, if it came down to putting myself in a situation where I could capture one of these amazing images, my handful of tornado touchdown experiences speak for themselves. Duck and cover beats chase and record every time.