Game in the Night Photo Booth

14 photos

Baltimore-based photographers Jen Mizgata and Josh Sisk recently brought out the bright studio lights for a photo booth shoot at Deep in the Game at Club Hippo. Here’s the result of a crazy night of fun and photos.

“It started when Cullen Stalin approached the Deep in the Game DJs and asked them to host his birthday,” Mizgata writes. “I had recently done another photo booth at a dance party at the Soft House and we thought it would be fun to set one at the club. Josh is a master at shooting DJs and club photos, so it made perfect sense to collaborate on this one.”

The duo took turns shooting photos, while Sisk also shot photos of DDM’s live performance and liveblogged the event on Instagram and Twitter.

Is there another photo booth in the works? Mizgata says yes.

“I love doing these and think we should do them all the time,” she writes. “I’m thinking about doing another in May, but still working out the details on it.”

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