Retrospective: Sun photography marches through time

49 photos

On September 30, 1901, The Baltimore Sun published its first picture, a profile image of a heavily mustachioed, prominent judge. That image ushered in an era of “news photography” that would document everything from the back alleys of Baltimore to the farthest reaches of the globe.

During that time, some of the best photographers have called The Sun home — A. Aubrey Bodine, Hans Marx, Richard Stacks and more recently, Jed Kirschbaum. These masters of the camera have graced the pages of The Baltimore Sun, which was founded in 1837 and is celebrating its 175th anniversary in May.

Dark rooms once filled with odorous chemicals and red lights warning intruders to stay out have been replaced with computers and digital technology. As time marched on, cameras, film and computers changed at a rapid pace, but the skill of the photographer defining the world around them has remained a constant. These are but a few of the many images that have made their way into newsprint and online, giving readers the color and flavor of decades of history.